I'm MrLipschutz and this is my art blog. You may know me from deviantART. Here you'll find mostly Kingdom Hearts fan art and random sketches

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Since I used every character in that last ask, here's the rest. I feel weird saying it but, I like the new Keyblade better.... Kingdom hearts 3 is going to make me save 400 buckaroos for a ps4.... Sony is finally getting back on top! I found your tumblr from dA and don't know whether I should follow you here, or dA. From the original KH's, what form is your favorite?(I call the ps exclusives "originals") Mine is wisdom form. Ah, the questions...

My favorite one is Valor Form, those delightful first impressions of a dual wield Sora sticked with me for the rest of the game I guess :)

However, last time I beat the game I enjoyed Master Form more than the others ( I get frustrated everytime I achieve Anti-Form and I think Final Form is too overpowered). Never had much fun with Wisdom Form :/